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Thread: Pier pony?

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    Pier pony?

    Board looks fun, BUT does it work on a wave where it would only be deemed longboardable?

    Anyone ride this thing?

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    Go for a Chemistry wide 6. I recently bought a 5'7'' and i've ridden it in everything from 1 foot slop to head high perfection. It's an all around super fun and super performable board in everything

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    contrary to the myth (hype), stubby grovelers paddle better than standard short boards, but not nearly as good as a longboard. The round nose gives longboard-esque stability on a wave's flat/weak spots and the small size is much easier to turn...but, first, you already gotta have the paddle power to get into the wave.

    another thing is stubs pretty unforgiving when it come to sizing. If you buy a couple inches too big, you're stuck with a giant cork, buy one too small and it'll bog. Do as much research as possible to find out the perfect size stub for your weight. Don't make the common mistake of thinking "my paddling sucks, so I'll go _ inches bigger than recommended".
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