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    Localism - Sexual Harassment

    I've been hearing rumors of locals using sexual harassment as a form of localism in certain parts of Australia. Instead of using violence or verbal abuse, groups of locals paddle out with speedos and g strings and do deep duck dives in front of the outsiders, sometimes placing their anuses within inches of their faces.

    Does anybody have any insight to this?

    I am deathly of this type of localism

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    You're deathly that they're showing arses instead of kicking them?

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    That's nothing new...I've been doing that for years at my local.

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    Sounds hilarious to me. Very creative approach to non-violent protesting / passive aggressiveness. Has it been working for them? Are the local women doing it too?

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    You mean I shouldn't do that anymore?

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    HAHAHAHA! This reminds me of the scene in Caddyshack where the caddies do a synchronized swim. Good Day Mate!

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    I knew the Australians were good for something!

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    Speedo bandito has worked well many times on a crowded day as an alternative to hostility. Both are effective, yet only one is amusing to bystanders and you cannot be prosecuted for making other surfers "uncomfortable" with your attire.

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    Dang I shoulda done that this morning.

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    There's always tomorrow