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    srv @ el mocambo. ftw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    it's funny what you remember from some of these shows...the shows were awesome, but what really sticks with me (30+ years later) are the little things: the Goth freaks who sat next to us at Sabbath who just screamed at Ozzy all night...the guy we bought blotter from in the bathroom at the Garden and then hunted down an hour later when it was apparent we'd been ripped off....the soft pretzels that were a staple of any Philly concert, because they were cheap and tasty...the hot dog vendor at the Yes concert JFK Stadium ("don't be a meanie, buy your friend a weenie")...the bowl of hash that somebody handed me at a Spectrum show that was soooo tasty etc etc.

    at especially at those big stadium shows, where if you weren't right up front, the memories of the actual songs were dim. i can recall what song some of these bands opened with, can recall some of the encores, but in between was a blur. of course, i was generally pretty ripped on whatever and this was back in the day where people lit up and just passed it on down the row. no regrets, but i probably would have remembered more if of the actual music if i'd stayed straight.
    Hanna speaketh the truth. His are great tales from the real side.

    I recall a giant pig floating around MSG when Pink Floyd came through, the glowing eyes on that thing.
    My buddy Frankie Boom-Boom was passed out and prone behind the seats after heaving his guts out all over the open-toed shoes of several chicas from Long Island....Boom-Boom missed the entire concert.
    We were going to live forever.....Great times!
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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    But he doesn't build NZSM inspired surfboards Charles Taylor.

    Great thread, man you guys who got to experience the 70s/early80s are some lucky mofo's. Of all the stuff I saw listed if I could go back in time for one I'd see Talking Heads Stop Making Sense Tour or the Grateful Dead in their prime. Here's some of mine, in no particular order...Beck(early on), Bad Religion, David Byrne, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Ween, Pennywise...I can't think anymore two days in the ocean has corrected my brain and limited my internet attention span...used to go to see local hardcore bands as a kid, saw Hatebreed come up which was pretty cool, shows used to be crazy, definitely witnessed a couple proper riots.

    Man how could I forget, The Dead in 09 and a bunch of Furthur shows(and they hold it down as far as dead tunes go IMO).
    If I were building those boards, Seen, I'd let only one surfer buoy even attempt to ride 'em. You know who that pirate is.
    The one & onliest shredmachine, oh yeah.

    As for the other sea-going plywood $500,000 planks, we'd burn 'em on the beach, while toasting our good fortune, happy to be alive, hoisting a few tankards of grog & listening/laughing to chucky taylor pipe out a few of his nursery rhymes as his hero the gnome had his way with chucky buoy back in the dunes.

    Ya got a good list, Seen, never saw the Dead but wish I had.
    Good on ya, bruddah, that ya got waves this wknd - - finally !

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    phish in hampton like 13 times... (their favorite venue, at a recent show there were something like 600 felony drug arrests)

    Modest Mouse at the Norva was pretty awesome

    Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, Best night ever.

    U2 with Louie Austin in the lawn of an Austrian castle on New year's eve 2008

    Lots of great punk from the days of the boathouse... pennywise, blackflag, Social D, etc

    Haven't seen much lately though, they all go past my bedtime these days

    Ha, oh yeah, saw citizen cope come (this close) to ODing back stage at the norva and saw 4 security guards giving him smelling salts and pouring cold water on him not 20 minutes before the show started. Concert was awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, Best night ever.
    Yeah that sounds like a good one you got to attend, that's as chill as it gets right there

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Yeah that sounds like a good one you got to attend, that's as chill as it gets right there
    you are a blatant metro-sexual. do you sing along to jackoff johnson at the nail salon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OceanO View Post
    you are a blatant metro-sexual. do you sing along to jackoff johnson at the nail salon?
    Following me around now are you? One little white van joke and you're off and running. You're like a wind up doll, just pull the string and watch you go.

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    Too many to remember but here's a few:
    Phish (30+ times)
    Pearl Jam a dozen or so times but the best was the show to close the Spectrum.
    Eddie Vedder solo 2x
    Ben Harper a few times - most recently solo at Carnegie Hall which was awesome
    Ziggy Marley a few times
    Dylan 3x
    Dave Matthews twice - both sucked
    Korn before they were big
    311 before they got lame
    Allman Bros post Duane
    A couple of Lollapaloozas in the mid/late 90s. One headlines by Sonic Youth but Beck and Cypress Hill were better
    Les Paul at the Iridium just before he died
    U2 3x (Yankee Stadium 1992, Meadowlands 2011, MSG 2005)
    Derek Trucks
    BB King
    The first Bonaroo

    There are more, but I can't remember them right now.

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    ^ all those other bands are good but phish is one of the worst bands ive ever heard and have no idea why. not trying to bash your taste in phish but can i get a general consensus on if phish is a good or bad band?

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    My buddy's got an extra ticket for Pearl Jam, they're coming to CT in Oct I think...debating going. It's a friday night and I don't wanna be all tired if there's waves that weekend.

    ***sandblasters I hear ya on Phish, nothing against them they just don't do much for me. I think it's consensus they're all talented musicians though.