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    Fins for sale: futures, FCS, Probox

    All fins in good or excellent condition unless otherwise noted! PM me if interested...!!!! Pics found in link.

    Future Fins:
    Stretch controllers-$70
    JC1 (glass/tri)-$40
    Hayden (composite/tri)-$15
    F4 (composite/tri)-$10

    Akila Aipa Twins-$50

    Fin pics click here!
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    Rasta quads SOLD!!!

    AM1's and Akila's pending...all pm's answered!!


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    AM1's, Akila Twins, and Occy fins sold!

    Also, I've received a number of PM's regarding the Stretch controllers--I have both the small (4.875" fronts) and large set (5.125 fronts). Also, the rear fins are the same size on both sets...

    Bump for the day!

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    I'll take the JC's!

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    Tsurfn...they're yours...check your PMs.


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    Stretch controllers large set--SOLD!...still have the small set available!

    JC1's pending...


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    JC1s and AM1s sold... Still have a set of stretch controllers and a few composite me if interested!

    Future Fins:
    Stretch controllers-$70
    Hayden (composite/tri)-$15
    F4 (composite/tri)-$10

    Akila Aipa Twins-$50

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    Stretch controllers pending!!!!!

    Other fins still available--nt, my post above!