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    Still decent at Lowers! Ready to hit PM sesh. Good heats tomorrow. Who tuned in?

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    Wahoo . He can take pics! Lol just keep us up to date. Oh by the way wear a fluorescent pink top so ya stand out in the crowd. Been watching along so far.

    On another note what the heck happened to John John? I was astonished. But ****e happens huh.

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    Slow the roll bro. A braddah in the thread wanted pics. What, you didn't like that fine wahine's rear end in the pic? "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

    To answer your question, there's def been an air of veteran precedence there so far and people have commented on it. Was down at the shorebreak yesterday morn and a couple of the younger guys were pacing there before their heats and looking like they were in their own heads more than ready to do their thing and enjoy it. He's pretty young though, and even with it not being his first rodeo, veteran athletes usually have a built-in edge similar to home field advantage. Not that Muniz is an old buc, but I'm speaking of the general composure of some of the younger guys though Andino showed composure whereas others have been rattled.

    Gudauskas did his thing in the same wave size as the Vans a few weeks ago and let's see how he does vs. KS. Some cool matchups tomorrow, and the crowd seems to be excited with Wilson.

    Scored a good eve sesh and got a bunch of rides. This trip is definitely making me better and I'm getting self-feedback from attentiveness to each ride which helps the next. Virtually no aggro in these lineups, which has been very surprising, even in the free surf during the warmup yesterday morning.

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    Eeets ON!!!!

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    whats up with johnjohn,is he still in?i only caught 1 heat and it was the one with jj vs pupo?? or toledo dont know they all look the same,but the brazilio did 2 airs and got a high 9.wouldve loved to see jj do good,but considering hes a haole from the north shore where u surf perfect 10 ft waves for breakfest,its hard to do well when the conditions look like bet 50bucks a brazilio wins,dont know which ones are in or out,but id say pupo,toledo,or medina.adrianos too fit for trestles

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    Isn't that dicrimination ? If he was muslim or something else you can bet that al sharpman would be screaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by still stoked View Post
    Service unavailable. I guess they haven't gotten their act together yet.
    It's Tuesday, 6:29AM PST (9:29AM EST), admittedly a bit early to worry yet, but:

    I signed up to get a text message - didn't get it ever, and every time I try to log in, I get Service unavailable.
    I guess there are still issues with this Trestle's hosting - most ASP contests have terrific web-broadcasting. I've enjoyed them - just wonder what the problem is, that's all - it's a shame - I will have to go surfing in 4-foot slop, rather than watch the contest -

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    Man, the first 3 matchups were fun to watch. Kolohe couldn't find a wave for what looked like 14 minutes and Taj wanted it bad. What these guys do in mush and how they find sections, long rides, and many maneuvers in them is amazing. That announcer has his work cut out for himself keeping the crowd in it, good thing he could sell Christianity to Bin Laden. Grabbing a quick bite then watching KS and my boy Mick. Was talking for a while to the braddah that rents out Pat Gudauskas's house and he was saying Pat could upset Kelly as he's done it before.

    Spicoli is stoked after scooping a 5'6 34L stick at dawn off CL and scoring 5 of 6 attempts in the Uppers small kine before the contest got going today. Fared well on the fattened 5'11 HP til now, but needed something that could get rides on chubbers and this is it! Very conveniently got a moving violation for turning from middle lane at a red light on a desolate street in downtown SD last night so apparently I've got a "reason" to come back out in November to contest the minimal ticket. Will probably have to stay with my buds and surf for a few days prior to deal with all the stress of such a very troubling experience.

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    Wow. Guda did it. In the same type of junk he won the Vans event in. Wilson better not get upset.

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    this contest is like watching paint dry..zzzz