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Realistically, the bumps could have been from another creature unless the people actual saw the beast. I'm not an expert on sharks, but if it were a white shark I don't think it would be a bump. Aren't they sort of all or nothin'? I'm a huge pansy when it comes to sea predators so I'm trying to convince myself that the threat there isn't all that bad. I have nothing to worry about at home in ME...no GW's around these beaches, just aggressive Quebecois.
Bro, there is nothing worse than a school of aggro Quebecois, all jaunty and speedoed up with their berets and their attitude. They **** with their face and (try to)fight with their feet. Although if it wasn't for French Canadian tourist chicks I would have never gotten laid in my early teens. Late teens too. They wyould bring down the blond hashish too. Oui Oui my little french crepe!