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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Atom View Post
    Realistically, the bumps could have been from another creature unless the people actual saw the beast. I'm not an expert on sharks, but if it were a white shark I don't think it would be a bump. Aren't they sort of all or nothin'? I'm a huge pansy when it comes to sea predators so I'm trying to convince myself that the threat there isn't all that bad. I have nothing to worry about at home in GW's around these beaches, just aggressive Quebecois.
    Bro, there is nothing worse than a school of aggro Quebecois, all jaunty and speedoed up with their berets and their attitude. They **** with their face and (try to)fight with their feet. Although if it wasn't for French Canadian tourist chicks I would have never gotten laid in my early teens. Late teens too. They wyould bring down the blond hashish too. Oui Oui my little french crepe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    I am, nor ever have been, any form of NJSHREDMACHINE. I've never played a character on here. My other stage names on here were purely due to bannings, just as yourselves, Mr. Ocean0. I'm too vain to pretend to be someone else.
    bummer PJB. most of these dudes here have 3 or 4 profiles. shameless cowards.

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    my wife and I camped from San Diego to Crescent city, took 56 days to kick it (feb and march), lived out of a toyota tacoma.
    First, buy a stormrider guide for north america
    Standouts for me?
    sunset cliffs, blacks, pretty fun
    SKIP ORANGE COUNTY (except trestles)
    if there is surf, check out ventura RINCON!!!!!!
    If there is large west swell, el cap is LIGHTS OUT...SO GOOD
    Jalama by Lompoc, the cracks and tarantula's were sick, had food for 3 days, stayed for 8, had to go into town for supplies

    Big sur has some waves, had better times other places
    'The Dune' at moss you like whoopings? and tubes? the place has both in spades

    santa cruz obviously
    novelty wave at fort point, its a burger, skip
    POINT ARENA HOLY MOLY THIS WAVE ROCKS, kinda sharky, like spidey sense tingling, SICK WAVE

    Those are the named ones, make friends along the way and find more
    best to do a trip like this now before more and more checkpoints and police state ruin everything

    Also, dont drive in the midwest during a snowstorm, we got ****ked: hit and run by a tractor trailer on our way back east (I have moved from EC since this adventure) and had to sleep in an autobody shop during a blizzard, kinda sucked, wifey and I were A-ok, had to drive from nebraska to jersey with no lights or front bumper, but we made it
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    Go to SoCal and head SOUTH!!!! Not North. You know how friggin cold its gonna be up there?!

    If you insist on going North though I would recommend renting a van. There's a really cool deal up there in which you can rent a vintage VW decked out for surfing and camping and its actually fairly cheap.