So guys
I've been toying with a solution to a personal problem the last couple of days - regarding drying my wetsuits. I work for a small design bureau and do a little of 3d sketching. I thought about the rack you can use for hang-drying your clothes and then fold it together.! Ive been drawing some sketches of a rack that stands against the wall in the shower, around 1.8 meter or 5’9’’, but you can fold to ⅓ of the size. that way the whole suit can hang down and you can store the rack easy. have a friend that works with aluminium and he think its possible to build. Now I start to think that i might should bring my boss in on it, but would like to hear if any of you guys think it could be a good idea or just an undesirable add on, to all the other equipment on the market? Do you think there’s a need for it or should I just build it for myself?