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gee hope you never get injured where you couldn't surf and had to find another option... one day, one never knows, that foot or knee injury is just around the corner.
DUDE, if you can't stand up with an injured paw then you gots problems......


A surfer with an injury should go gracefully like a horse and be put down. It's better than laying of a piece of faom that's not long enough and not glassed-over for toughness. Man, a piece of foam ain't a real piece of foam unless it has glassing on it. Tough guys use glassing. Dude, I had five protiene shakes today.....so far. And I like my foam over six foot and glassed.........by an American.

Get an artificial limb and stand up like a man.

Women are natural knee boarders........you get it? Huh, do you guys get that? Also women should take to SUP'ing because they are used to cleaning the house. DO you guys get that one, too? You know, sweeping the floor is like paddling an SUP.......do youse guys get it?

HEY SUP, yeah I got waves both Saturday and Sunday.........How aboot you? It was friggin waist to chest all weekend with varying wind speeds and directions. SUnday was NW the real version of offshore. F^%$ SW winds you North Jersey #@$%^. Yeah not this year, dudes. It's going offshore NW all this winter.........and ha, all of your sandbars are dying. I saw a picture of Manasquan yesterday and it was 1-2 foot dribble. HA !! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.