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    New Facebook Group for Central Texas Surfers

    Hey all you Central Texas SwellInfo lurkers, <br /><br />I just started a facebook group for us landlocked surfers to have a place to put together trips to the coast whenever it looks like there's a swell coming in or if anyone feels up to a beach trip. <br /><br />Check out the link below if you live around the Austin area and are looking for surf buddies or shoot me an email if you want to be on our email list!<br /><br />!/groups/543253422413365/<br /><br />

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    I'd join but the link doesn't seem to work.

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    Sorry about that. You can either look up Central Texas Surf Squad on your facebook, or email me at and i'll put you on the email list.

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    I used to have an Odessa Surf Club shirt. Guy from TX made it as a joke, gave it to me, I wore it, I gave it to Good Will then saw one of my students wearing it...

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    That's awesome, ha.

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    other steers, queers, and 23 foot waves come from texas so i guess that narrows you down and texas didnt fight hard enough in the civil war.

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    Thanks for the nonsensical post...

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    #ctss ----- recognize

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    theres an ocean in central texas?

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    People in Texas travel to the break. Not everyone lives a block from the water. I have a friend in Austin that drives to surfside twice a week and a lot of people from Austin drive to corpus for surf. I don't know where you're from, but a 3 hour drive to surf any of the tropical storms we have been getting is well worth it. I can't believe no one here drives more then a few minutes to get to the surf. There is not an ocean in Santa Rosa or Sacramento, but clearly some You guys live on the beach. Oh yeah, there's not an ocean in Houston ether, but they drive over an hour to get HERE.
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