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I lived directly on the beach, literally my porch was in the sand, for a good part of my life. Though I loved living at the beach, now that I have to drive 15 minutes to get there I appreciate it much more. Also when you have to drive any distance to get there if the waves aren't perfect you still surf. When I lived on the beach unless it was perfect I didn't go out. I surf more living away from the beach then I did when I lived there. My car also lasts longer now that its not permanently parked in the salty air!

Another thing about having a beach house like that is you can never leave. Everybody always wants to come to your house. Its like running a hotel/bar.
I can definitely see how this can all be true. I'm moving East around this time next year but we won't be finding a place directly on the sand, rather just on the other side of the bridge. For various reasons, but being within 15 minutes of any break in the area is just as good to me. I'd still end up driving even if I lived right on the sand because I just can't stand surfing the same spot over and over, i like to hop around and get a variety of waves / scenery, but that's probably because I have to drive there anyways.