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    Swap Meet Oct. 5?

    Hi everyone, we are thinking about holding another fall swap meet on Sat. Oct 5th or Sunday Oct 6th. We want to see what the interest level for attendance is to decide if it is something to push forward with. Last year had a pretty good turn out, so we hope everyone can make it out again.

    This would be a free event & anyone would be welcome to come set up their stuff. You must be in attendance in order to sell your items. So if you would be interested in attending please let us know!

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    Maine right? Which town?

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    Sorry the location is at Liquid Surf Shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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    UGHHH! :(
    What's the date 5th or 6th? You have both in your post. I can make the 6th (for browsing/buying) but not the 5th.

    Edit: BTW, I'd mostly be looking for fins. Longboard and shortboard

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    We haven't decided on the date yet which is why we are feeling it out to see what day works better