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    some fun ones last night and that moon was wild, but it wasn't exactly what I have been waiting 'til September for...

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    Fun surf at the oceanfront yesterday afternoon. I forgot what it was like to not have to pump for every ounce of speed you could get.

    I hope none of you VB boys were in the orange and grey/blue trunks at the pier. The po po in the boat seemed pretty pissed at everyone surfing too close to the pier and had another cop on the beach writing tickets. I could hear their bull horn all the way to 10th st.

    I'd love to see everyone wear red trunks and paddle out right next to the pier on a blue bic board a la trestles raid style. Boat cops: "SURFER IN THE...ER....ER....RED TRUN....ER...ON THE...ER...BLUE BOAR...Ahhh fugget. Let's go get some dounuts...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Got some bubs there did ya PJB! Good on ya dude, i'm going to make a precision strike on Saturday, looking reeeeally fun, can't wait!
    It's all about the precision strikes! Up here in the birthplace of freedom, wind was blowing out of the northeast at 15 knots all day Tuesday. I headed out an hour before dark just as it went offshore and caught some beautiful waist high faces. Only two other guys out. It was nice.

    Also, thanks everybody for hyping a swell that's forecasted a week out. Reeaaaal mature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkstink View Post
    It's all about the precision strikes!
    That it is PinkStink, that it is. Glad you scored as well, after this week / weekend everybody better be stoked next week, no flat talk for anybody (that includes you Shark Hunter)

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    Biiiiiigggggg swwwwwwellllll nexxxt weeeeek!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    Boat cops: "SURFER IN THE...ER....ER....RED TRUN....ER...ON THE...ER...BLUE BOAR...Ahhh fugget. Let's go get some dounuts...."
    I have been saying this forever, but leash laws and surfing restrictions are the purest form of "The pussification of surfing". Soon it will just be illegal to surf. Shoot, In the 90's I had a shirt that said "skateboarding is not a crime". Why do our law makers hate freedom? Is the $5/per person really what defines who has priority at a pier? Because I'll pay it and camp our right under that biatch, like I do anyways in the winter.

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    Y'all is to too kind, you'se be my homebloods, see.
    'Bout to go out and play in the sea, see.
    Before I get all caught up & start writing soliloquies.

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    went out today around 12 and it was guhhhhreat!

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    PB&J speaks truth. Listen to that sage when he says to drive by the break to see the real report. Got back from SD this morning and went straight to my breaks. Nothing. Despite good tide and report. Went to two of them tonight at good tide again and nothing. Gave a drive by the third and boom, thigh high and clean with some up to waist. I'll take it. Got 9 rides in 40 minutes as we watched a full moon rise quickly. Got to rep out the early takeoff on the 5'6 I picked up out west and for some reason, decided to drop in mostly frontside tonight. Great practice.

    Reports are still decent through the weekend and I'll be happy with whatever we get. Any downtime in between sessions will be spent socially networking with a certain wahine and I highly suggest the same for you lads. April and October. April and October.

    Great thread, BTW. Plenty of solid humor and score reports. Glad everyone's serotonin and dopamine levels aren't sub-zero anymore. It was making the scene a bit estrogenic here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Well, if I made your day how aboot Fed Ex'ing me some weed? Don't use your real name and address that to:

    Paddington Jetty Bear
    222 Avenues de los Mexicanos
    Culver City, CA 90185

    Thanks. And you Florida guys have a nice day. Hey, you guys got any bubs down there today? It's like 3-4......maybe a touch bigger......grassy up here in the Garbage State(that's for you Da Mook).
    the nsa got me boy-os