It is common knowledge that all of the still shot surf cams have a software program that disables them whenever a set rolls through. And even though I have a quiver of boards, I hate to bring more than one at certain spots due to breakins in the parking lots. Many times, I have watched the cams, listened to the reports, and brought one board, which turns out to be the wrong board. I have gotten better on my longboard in larger surf because it was a lot bigger than it looked (more than once) when I paddled out, and I really had no business out there with a longboard, but what the heck, I'm out here now, might as well go for it.

It also works in reverse. Once I get out and look at it to make sure I'm not missing a bump up in swell before I leave, it usually looks like crap. I say to myself, wow, it looked a lot bigger when I was out there, I must have timed it just right.