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Thread: Winter Suit

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    Why limit yourself? If you really want to go every week, get a 6/5/4. I tired to get through my first winter with a 5/4 and it wasn't fun. In the end I bought a real winter suit and the 5/4 mostly sits on a hanger now. It might seem like a lot of dough but it's a lot less than a season lift ticket

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    You are not getting through the winter in MA/NH in a 4/3, so expect to at least get a 5/4 (even then there will be days when there is a wind blowing that you will be cold). I am not sure where the guys live that wear them all winter but they are not surfing in 35 degree water in Jan/Feb that's for sure.
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    Yeah 4/3 will not cut it year round. I have worn 6/5/4s and 5/4/3s for my various winter suits, ultimately now I wear a 5/4/3 even on the coldest days in the dead of winter, wore it on a trip to NS last January without issue, but it's a decently nice suit (Body Glove Vapor), you should invest in either a pretty good 5/4/3 or get a 6/5/4. I prefer spending a bit more on a high quality 5/4/3 in order to keep a little less rubber on the body so I can paddle better, but to each his own.

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    Also, do you surf in like the Rexhame or Nantasket area often? We might be heading up there this weekend because RI is looking flat. I hope that waist high swell pushes into saturday, cuz thats the only time we can head up.
    Just checked surfline for 2nd beach since I'll be in Newport this weekend. Looks like there could be a little something late Saturday into Sunday morning. I'm debating on whether to bring the gear.