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    Quote Originally Posted by Dix View Post
    I have been. I went on a boat trip with These are Aussie's ( I'm American) I booked with them for boat and bought my plane ticket myself. They know a lot about the atolls and love to get barreled. They specialize in taking you to uncrowded good waves. Here are my pics If you can't swing a boat trip there is a Holiday Inn that sits on the right that is in many of my pictures. There are a few other waves around there too. Good luck. GO! Even the North Male Atoll popular breaks are worth it!
    This post right here is why I said 'mostly'. Every once in a while you get someone like Dix who joined SI a year ago and is just now making her/his FIRST post because they actually have something to contribute to the forum that other people might find useful. This, as opposed to the sort of posts from the people who think they're funny and who come on here every fracking day spewing nonsense like they're on a pathetic reality show of their own making. So welcome Dix. And goodbye di**s.

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    I second cresto 4s post can barely get throught the b.s. most of the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    You're coming to SI looking for surf beta? Good luck with that. Mostly, what you'll find here these days is a bunch of wannabe 'bros' looking for their reflection and posting pictures of their cars and dogs and having inane conversations that would embarass middle schoolers about who said what and who's the coolest SI kook on the least coast. Over and over again. Mostly.

    Anyway, hope you find some waves...
    Fuggin Alaskans....

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewengineer View Post
    Fuggin Alaskans....
    They're just above us all...

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    wavehunters rep's a great resort on chaaya island. its a resort first, surf second place, so the wife will love it. they hold 30 spots open per week for surfers, which grants access to Lohi's which is right out front of the resort, and endless boat trips as well. for the area, its not too crazy expensive.

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    Fins, Ya I am really checking them out. All inclusive and prices are not that bad with guaranteed surf boats daily. The kicker is vouchers for the spa. Bonus for keeping the peace.
    Thanks for the beta