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    rcarter.....technically he's not selling he's asking for donations. Kickstarters website in which he talks about his product is a donation website.

    Surfsols.... I checked out your product on kickstarters and I think that's a great idea man! Being from Florida you may want to offer your product in other areas with just the back pad. Most of the year we don't wear wetsuits and an extreme rash may result with using the front pad. Even just using the back pad would be a great advantage and use.

    I've talked with Herbie Fletcher about some prototypes I had developed and I know he would definitely like what you have going!

    Good luck to you! Hope to see your product in surf shops one day!

    If you need any help with surf retail or getting into surf shops give Dave Seehafer a call at Global Wave Ventures. He is a wealth of information and could really help you!
    Well if you read my earlier post I said kickstarter was for dontations and Surfsol corected me that it is money for a future product, ie retail. Either one is not acceptable here. Surfsol I know it may not have been you that posted the link or even started this thread but as mentioned earlier we have seen 3-4 new members join and only post on this thread? So while it may not be you many can not help but think it is your friends, family or other supporters.
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