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    scored NY again this mornin dawn patrol session

    waist-chest high total glass 6am session. solo session at PITSTOPS. god i luv this place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfsolo69 View Post
    waist-chest high total glass 6am session. solo session at PITSTOPS. god i luv this place!
    Congrats man. The only thing I have to look forward to Is some wind chop on Sunday. It's better than nothing I guess

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    what's the water temp up there in NY?

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    65-68 degrees

    Quote Originally Posted by wavehog1 View Post
    what's the water temp up there in NY?

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    O that's not too bad! Saw they were wearing fullsuits already in Hatteras so I thought it maybe pretty cold up there already. 68 isn't bad.... you could almost skin that!

    Must be the same little swell we're getting down here in Florida... been chest to head high the past couple days!

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    waste to chest ?? that's all? was like head high by the jetties over here...

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    Double overhead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    Double overhead.
    NJ Double-Overheaders here. It was like...orgasmic

    I am still proposing we move away from this standard measurement non-sense that we use in America and base all measurements on the above mentioned size.

    "Hey, how many stories is your house?"
    "Oh, it's a New Jersey Double-Overheader my friend. Would you like to join me inside for crumpets and tea?"
    "Why of course kind-hearted sir! Perhaps we can have a paddle afterwards? I live just a stone's throw away from the local jetty. Most of the hooligans have left this time of year and we can enjoy it all to ourselves."
    "What a marvelous idea I do declare! With no hooligans around, we will be free to enjoy the waters with textbook etiquette."
    "Another fine idea I must say! I feel as if I know you from somewhere old sport. Do you by any chance smoke crack/cocaine?"
    "Why do you ask ol' chum?"
    "Well I sell crack/cocaine so that is probably where I know you from. I happen to have a New Jersey Double-Overheaders worth of the stuff right now."
    "I thought you looked familiar and I just got paid!"

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    triple over head stand up barrels ALL BY MYSELF! at ankles...unbelieveable

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    ankles aka hookers