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Thread: Skil 100 Planer

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    Skil 100 Planer

    SOLD-----7.5 amps of foam mowage. Nice, but I've got to sell this thing. Price drop! $425
    Got bored last night, stripped the old paint off, cleaned and polished it up a bit. Looks and runs good. IMG_20130925_124907.jpgIMG_20130925_124943.jpgIMG_20130925_125009.jpg
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    PM me, please, with photos of all attachments, box, manual, etc.

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    Will do LBCrew.

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    Sent a PM. Let me know if you got it.
    Thanks LBCrew.

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    Price drop bump

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    what is the price now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vonda007 View Post
    what is the price now?
    vonda007 Price listed above is $425. Your interest is appreciated. John