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    Female ASP

    Fitz got a perf 10 at the Roxy? May have to actually watch that clip. Did she pull out the Fitzpedo? These were def not the same judges that were at Trestles last week. Tough room there.

    Point of this thread was to remark of the smokes on the women's tour. Wow. Kournakovaism. I like it. I like it a lot.

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    Along the same lines...

    A rather ridiculously uniformed interview and I'm actually surprised to see Lakey instigating this. She should be stoked to get $15k for surfing no better than most of us surf at our local breaks. If they could truly "beat the boys" as is claimed in the video, girls would be allowed in every event and would be competing for the dollars awarded the top ATHLETE (not male or female) in our sport.

    Alas, another one of my pet peeves rears its ugly head...

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    The final was great--managed to catch it while eating breakfast. Tyler Wright got a 10 with a sick frontside slob air in her first maneuver and a sick power bash with some smaller turns and such mixed in.

    As good as the best guy aerialists? Nope, but still probably the biggest air pulled in the whole comp. Lakey had a nice rail grab reverse I saw on HOD. Regardless, they are pushing the envelope.