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    Kooky things we love to see

    I love when I see someone with traction on their SoftTop. Especially when its like two feet from the tail, or on a log. You know they probably rip!
    What kooky things do clueless surfers do that make you happy to see? Or angry.

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    1) Sitting on board for 1-2 hours straight and just conversing.
    2) Getting in others' way mostly being in our takeoff zone and also on drop in.
    3) Wearing a hooded 4/3 and up with gloves/booties when air is 60-75 and water 62+ in September while I'm in just baggies. News flash: it's still summer til tomorrow and you're 2 months away from a hooded fullsuit w/heavy boots & gloves. Saw this yesterday AM & today. Bet they don't even hit up the winter sesh.

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    Tom Brady struggling on prime timeTV .Sorry emass I couldn't resist .lol

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    When the old guys shred on longboards better than the guys on shortboards.

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    When a kook starts cussing real loud after eating it after being gifted with a juicy wave to go on by his self because every one else had already gone on the last set and gotten barreled or shredded it up and as we are paddling out he gets a gift wave and eats in in front of everybody and starts yelling ****!

    Then everyone yells ****! in mock anger and then laughter erupts.

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    every summer I lend my boards to kids who never surfed before,and they go to crowded spots and launch my boards at unsuspecting surfers.sometimes I like to sit on the inside and paddle for every wave somebody else paddles for then not go!sometimes I like to go to crowded beaches and run out the water arms flaring screaming sharrrrrrrkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    girl's wearing thongs.

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    Yesterday I was dropping in on a waist high wave on my longboard, a girl was paddling out on her long board about 20 feet away from me, and was easily going to make it past the wave on the shoulder. I knew she was there, and had plenty of space.. I had no concern because I had space to go around her and worst case, if I got too close to her I could have stalled a little, but apparently her life flashed before her eyes bc she started screaming like she was dying! "Watch out watch out watch out!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!"
    Maybe her first time paddling out? Either way, shut up kook! Your making yourself look like even more of a kook by making all that noise over nothing.

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    Pink soft tops.
    At Croatan (VB) last winter, I saw a guy trying to paddle out on one. He wasn't having much luck and looked like an ant flailing away in the toilet. When I was leaving, I saw in the parking lot a SUV with NY plates and four more pink soft tops on the roof. Never was able to figure that one out.
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    Punching Latex Dummys in Barns
    Shortboarders that are aggro and think they own the break but really suck
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