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    WRV Coil vs Firewire

    Buying a new board, and I can't decide between a WRV Coil or a Firewire Alternator. I have heard great things about both. Any advice, suggestions? Has anyone owned either of these? Right now I am leaning towards the WRV.


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    Firewire -- That's just my personal preference.

    I have one....never had a WRV

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    go with the wrv coil..... mike daniels is on top of his game. i shape boards and have read alot from mike on the technology and am very impressed with him as a craftsman and as an individual.

    just my $.02


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    I own a quadroflex and my brother owns a futura and they are both sick boards. I love firewires they have a great boardfeel. Ive riden an alternator before and it is a really great board. I'm not to familar with the coil, but i can tell you that the alternator is going to be a great board thatll give u a lot of flex, and super repsonse. The only draw back is firewire break fairly easily, so thats something to consider. good luck man, i hope you enjoy whichever board you end up riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizes7 View Post
    The only draw back is firewire break fairly easily, so thats something to consider. good luck man, i hope you enjoy whichever board you end up riding.
    wait, i thought that firewires were so good because they felt like like a regular pu shortboard but they dont break easily? big news for me because i am thinking about getting one...also whats the big difference between flexfire and alternator? is a flexfire for better waves, like not the east coast? haha

  6. Firewire vs. Coil

    Firewires do not break easily. As Firewire's largest US account I can vouch for their durability from both personal and commercial experience. Our best surfers, Jesse Hines, Brent McCoy, Brant Doyle, Brad Beacham, Lynn Shell have yet to break one after over a year of extensive use both here and abroad. Of the 200 or so Firewires we've sold we've only come across 2 snapped boards. One was Drew Meridith who snapped his on a close out section at Kandui's in Indo and the other was a freak incident with a local guy. Firewire replaced the local guy's board free of charge. Some of Firewire's earlier production boards used a different hard cell foam called "Warvel" which didn't take as well as their traditional "Corcell" hard cell foam. We had a handfull of boards bubble and de-laminated because of this issue. Since then the "Warvel" foam has been discontinued and all of their production boards are built with the Corcell again. It's been 8 months and 100 boards later since the Corcell was re-introduced and we havn't had one complaint or problem. The productions are truly sweet. The Taj is killer looking and the Direct Drives are a sensory overload. The Firewire is really getting a good name internationally now. We're Firewire's only international online account and we've shipped piles of boards to places like Japan, France, UK, Bali, Sumatra and Spain.

    The WRV Coil board is another solid alternative construction. We obviously don't sell them since we're their competition down the street but I can't say anything negative about the boards. I've surfed with Brad Harrell and Noah Snyder recently while they've been out on coil boards and they've both spoken well of them. They look good and WRV has always built quality boards. I'm not sure what they retail for but they're probably comparable to Firewire.

    The argument I can make for Firewire is that they truly stand by their product and work hard to do things right. I've never done business with a company that has been more accountable for their actions and products than Firewire. Firewire has 3 factories, 1 in San Diego, 1 in Australia, and 1 in Thailand. About 85% of the boards we receive come from San Diego. We've been setting up a tent at the ESA contests down here and having Firewire demos and the competitors have been stoked. We have about 25 demos here at the shop that are free to try out if any of you are ever in the area. If you want any more info please email me at If you're ever interested in buying one, you can purchase one off of our site and save on tax I've been able to ship most boards domestically for about 40-70 bucks.

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    Thumbs up Firewire without a doubt

    Alternator owner, Alternator lover. The WRV is the same as any of the other TL2, great, but not the alternator. Balsa rails saved my ass from tons of wasted time on ding repairs.