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    just need some advice on physical therapy for my ankle

    recently back in july I broke my ankle,fractured my fibula, and tore the ligaments the length of my leg.about 2-3 weeks ago I started walking with no crutches and started some PT(3 times a week). still walking with a limp but with shoes on its a lot just seeking some really good PT that could maybe help with surfing or getting me back into it maybe faster. my hopes for surfing this winter are prolly shot but I figure I work my ass off maybe I can get back in the water by spring.

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    what does your current therapist say

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    I know I'm gonna get slapped for this, but in Laird Hamilton's book, he has section on his injuries. He's trashed his ankles the most. First thing he does with ankle injuries is walk in the sand barefoot. Until he is strong enough to run.
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    Have torn up my ankle several times (surgery once). Best rehab for surfing/sponging for me was in a pool. It let me strengthen from the knee down very quickly with no impact. Started out with just a freestyle swim daily for as long as I could go, and used my legs as much as I could. As I got stronger I put on swimfins and kick-boarded for as long as I could. Before long I was as strong if not more so than before; with a MUCH improved range of motion and stamina. It also helped to even the strength between my injured and non-injured leg. I even surprised my PTist with my progress. That was about 12 yrs ago and I would say that I came out stronger after the rehab.
    The walking in sand (especially deep sand) is great as well. Its a lot easier to over-do-it in sand though and since its weight-bearing the risk for re-injury is greater. Take it easy! I like running/walking in the sand as a great conditioning tool to prevent injury now.
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    I had a similar injury. Walking in sand was the best therapy for me. Eventually jogging as well.
    As I progressed upper body exercises while standing on one leg (the injured leg). And then the same thing, but standing on that half ball thing...Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    what does your current therapist say
    Do you really thing someone that get's paid to rehabilitate people really knows more than an open source group of surfer dudes?

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    Tai chi on the beach in soft sand will gradually and gently improve strength and vitality to the injured area. Go slow and increase length of practice as you feel more comfortable.

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    Being in physical therapy sales, I would recommend checking out an Airex Balance Mat, Bosu Ball or, at the very least, a Pro-Stretch. These are probably the three most popular at-home products to help rehabilitate and prevent most ankle injuries. Needless to say, always check with your PT before trying anything new. Let me know if you need to order anyhing.

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    Hot whirlpool treatments will speed healing, then work on flexibility by moving the ankle in every direction possible. Spell out the alphabet with your toe.

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    Thanks for all the help guys I'm going to be getting into a pool as soon as possible and try walking on sand here and there...was just wondering if anyone who replied could recall when they exactly got back in the water that would help thanks again