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    Surf industry hopes parks will expand the sport

    Fake waves ?

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    Gotta be better than Jersey.

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    not concerned. if they make the waves too big the beginners won't go and if too small good surfers won't go. in addition, very few people would be able to afford to hit a park like that with any kind of frequency.

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    i hope this succeeds and everyone goes to surf them then there will be way more waves for those of us left in the ocean

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    If they make a good wave it would be awesome.

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    good call!
    a lot of people that live in the midwest has been dreaming about this ever since flowriders has been popping up. i always wonder why they build wavehouses on coastal states... i say build a wavehouse or wavegarden, say, in ohio, and make it indoor. garuantee these places will be pack come fall, winter and early spring...

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    UGHHH! :(
    They should put sharks in the wave garden. just to make it realistic.

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    Eh. Not good. Affordability will be there, otherwise the places will go tits up. And the sport as an Olympic sport? Yo. Contracts with Hurley & Patagonia & Billabong will be the next goal for millions of kids & their crazed over-achieving helicopter parents. I can't see how wave pools will be good for the sport / art / culture of surfing in any way, shape or form.

    Well, perhaps in one way.
    You guys, all of us, can say we had it when it was relatively uncrowded, when we could still find open breaks and when we could just surf the day away & feel the stoke.

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    Well with the RADIOACTIVE Plume coming from Japan we all might be in wave pools on the west coast coming 2014 since the gage that reads the amount of radiation was out dated and the amount of radiation is 18 times worse than expected once they installed new updated gages that read the real amount of radiation being released. Get your lead WETSUITS OUT !

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    You may run into Rick Kane in the wave pool and he shred so hard he break his stick.