Thanks Erock, good info. The no booze rule is tough, but I can be discreet. As for the rest of my crew...I doubt it. Last time I drive there you could only go about half way down though. I'll see if I can find out if you can drive all the way to the point now, would be a nice change of pace if we don't camp.

Mad Dog - I always wear my daisy duke overalls. Between that, the trucker hat, my knife, and my ear necklace I let people know I'm not to be trifled with.

dlrouen - as much as I abhor rules and regs I can say it wouldn't hurt a bit if they just enforced some common sense rules. Maybe let all the nut jobs go up the point where they can whoop it up all night long. That way I won't have to hit people over the head with a shovel when they stand outside my tent at 2am yelling for their buddy Bob. (I love my's both a weapon and a destroyer of evidence...). And thanks for the positive vibe, as long as the weather cooperates it will be good times.

I just hope they don't start trying to turn it into WB...