Hi, i was looking around for answers because i know everyone hates reposts, but im going to just post it anyway.

So I receive a free 1998 9'6" Jacobs Longboard which i dearly, dearly love to ride. It is more geared towards a noserider from what i can tell by my knowledge in board shape. The current glass on the board is obviously old and from the looks of it has not been taken care of. It has many patches and dings and what not. I was getting qoutes from some surfshops for a complete glass job (strip it and reglass it). While it seems very tempting to do it with qoutes ranging in the 250-300 range, i really would like to tweak the shape of the board. As i said it is a noserider style longboard, but with the NJ winter swell coming around, i really want to get more of a performance style longboard. YES i want to surf winter swell on a longboard. I already get enough crap about it so i dont need anymore here. Ive been bashed and made fun of for it on instagram so please just save it. The way i see it, people surfed big surf with longboards before they did on shortboards. So please no hate.

So to wrap it up, the question is : Is it possible to tweak the shape of my current nose rider board and make it more of a performance type longboard?

Thankyou for taking to the time to read this guys, and i hope to see some cool answers and ideas!