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    Get a job kid, you're not gonna get rich off your free restored board. If you have a board that you can ride well you need to understand that is worth more than $300 you can get on craigslist.

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    I have a job im not trying to get rich but i am in college on a tight budget and will make a quick buck where a quick buck can be made.

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    If you take all the glass off, down to the blank, you have a good chance of wrecking a useable board. As others have stated, either sell it and use the $ towards the board you want, or just take the gloss/hotcoat off and re-do that with a deep pigment. The times I have seen an attempted re-shape have never ended up with the person being glad they did it, mostly they end up trying to salvage a MUCH smaller board out of it. Beach House is hosting a swap meet on Sept. 29. You could bring it there and get an idea of what someone would pay for it, maybe even trade/sell it on the spot. Good luck either way.
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    yes the beachhouse boardswap is this sunday. perfect time for you to take some offers on it or ask those dudes what it would cost to fix up and its value. odds are you'll see boards boards in much worse condition than yours there, and they sell. the beachhouse boardswap is a good one, i try to go every spring and fall.