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    Midlength Epiphany

    After riding a few different midlength boards in the past year I've decided to trade in for one. Not too sure which designs have which capabilities. Some knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks

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    i too am a mid-length guy when it comes to the weak,small swell. the expert is Eric at Beach House in Bay Head.He will get you the right board.

    a lot of experts on swellinfo are ignorant and say mid-lengths are crap. then we get the weak,small swell and we are stoked just as much or more than them.

    i refuse to grovel on a groveler,fish are awesome but they aren't always the answer,and i only longboard ripples.that leaves my mid-lengths, a la 1967 Wayne Lynch, 7'6" single fin.

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    Yea man I'm looking to explore these shapes, but i hear all the old good boards are gone and were smashed by old pros. thanks

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    those "experts" aren't about having fun, imo

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    any other midlength info is greatly appreciated duders

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    My buddy left me a Herbie Fletcher 8' single fin step deck to store while he went traveling in the desert for a few months. I almost wish he never made it back! The board had lots of rocker and was really thick (over 3") and could ride anything from thigh high to way overhead. It was not a light board, so once it got going it had lots of momentum. It had a round thick nose, and a foiled thin tail with a concave to v bottom contour. Damn I wish he got lost in the desert. It was magic.

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    One of my favorite boards is a 7'10" hull. If I had to go to a 1 board quiver, it would be my choice. I have owned about 50 boards and have found that now as I am older and currently on the East coast, it is a very versatile shape. Not a " funboard" but more like the Bing Raven, or something along those lines.

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    What is your idea of mid length? I guess mine would be any length you pop up or set the rail back foot ahead of the fin or fin cluster on soft sections, maybe 6'4" to 8'? Or any shape not meant to stand back foot over the fins using hips and knees to drive the board top to bottom all the time. Trim, carve and barrel ride w/ minimal flapping of any body parts. But that could even be a shorty like a 5'8" single fin pintail from 1974.

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    there's nothing wrong with NEEDING a little extra foam in the small stuff, just don't try to spin it off as anything else. It's all about having fun and getting as many waves as possible. I ride anything from a 5'8 quad to log that I can barely fit under my arm...
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    Most of my boards have been mid-lengths. I have been using a 7 x 22 x 2-3/4. Round nose and rounded pin tail, very little rocker. 2+1 setup. And it's been perfect for spring and summer in east coast beach break. A little too much float when theres texture and chop but not too bad. Surfs more like a fish than a mini-longboard, and can really glide through flat and mushy sections. Also it's light enough that it's relatively easy to bring it up the lip.

    If I were to change some features, it would be to make the rails a little thinner and knifey. Also to pull in the tail a little more.

    Look up the "Mctavish Sumo". Looks exactly like it.