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    What do you guys do?

    I feel like I have seen this thread before, but thought I'd start it again...

    So basically, I'm just curious, what do all you guys out there do? You know when you're not shredding 23 footers on the weekend. What do you guys do for a living? Do you like what you do? Do get to surf as much as you'd hoped? Do you have any regrets about the career path you took?

    Personally, I recently graduated from a pretty average college with a pretty average business degree with pretty average grades. I'm currently unemployed, and looking to get a job with a company I'm passionate about, but I know that is unlikely. What is more important, personally, is being close to a beach I can surf. I've been applying to all sorts of companies, jobs, and locations, but I'd like to hear what some of you guys do, whether you like it or not, whether you'd go back and do it differently.

    Also, as an east coaster, I'm looking to make the move to the left coast, any advice on how to go making the big leap out there? Is it better to just move everything out there then find a job from there? Or try to get some bites while living on the Eastside?

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    Sales rep for a Major player.Work at least 50 hours a week.Tough to get out during the week days now.Just for a little side job I shoot weddings now and then.

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    I work in Commercial Lines insurance. I have been a Producer (sales) for the last 4 years and Team Lead for the NC/SC sales team. I recently switched roles to Marketing, which in insurance means dealing with the carriers we write with and getting accounts put together for Producers. After being in Financial product sales for the last 14 years I was fed up with commission and wanted to just broaden my knowledge of the industry and companies. Before that I was a loan officer for a Credit Union, Financial Planner, and then a lending rep for another Credit Union to car dealers selling our loan program. I love what I do even though I am in Raleigh (2hrs inland) but since I work for the 6th largest broker in the US and 7th in the world as long as I am getting accounts done I can take off and surf and since I spend most of my time talking or emailing I can work from the beach (thank God for smartphones!) so I get to surf whenever I want pretty much. I get wonderful benefits, great pay and we even still have a classic company funded pension plan in addition to the 401K we offer that the company matched contributions too up to 8%! Who says Corp American doesn't take care of their employees anymore?!? My bro's who live at the coast do seem to find it harder to make as much income as here in Raleigh so it is harder for them to take trips, buy boards and many of them work hourly jobs so heading out to surf may mean going with out pay or burning one of a few precious vacation days, I get 3 weeks paid leave a year, goes to 4 weeks at 5 year mark this Dec plus unlimited sick leave so again I have lots of freedom. Keep in mind this job came after 10 years of working for much less and earning the skills needed to get such a position. Best of luck on your search for a job man.

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    Bro your gonna end up jackin it in San Diego

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    34th St.: You have the freedom now to make major changes in your life and take some risks. Go for it.
    If there's a company or organization that you really feel passionate about and want to work for, take a lower level job with them to get your foot in the door and then work your way up.

    I graduated from college in CA, went into the Navy for 4 years as an officer, got out in 1984, and immediately moved from San Diego to the Ventura area to take a Navy government job as a logistics manager. I was never really career minded. Just wanted to make enough to be adequately comfortable (not living pay check to paycheck), live by the water, SCUBA dive and windsurf. Those were my things. At the time, I thought the logistics job would be temporary until I found something better.
    But 29 years later, I'm still at it. Along the way I acquired a wife, 4 kids, a house and a bunch of cars. In 1997, we move to VA Beach, but it was essentially the same type of job in a different location. Eight-plus hours a day, year after year in a job for which I had no real interest, took its toll. Started studying Zen and martial arts to help cope. I should be grateful for having been steadily employed during all that time, but it would be nice to be able to get some real satisfaction or sense of purpose from one's work. The nature and priorities of the job have changed so much over the years. We now spend 75% of our time reporting on the other 25%. Never ending c.s. "urgent" data calls of questionable value. We're supposed to be supporting the Fleet, but it's hard to tell what we're really accomplishing anymore.
    Enough of my venting. I probably sound like Newman when he goes nuts complaining about his postal worker job.
    But I have my family, and I work on a base (Dam Neck) that's right on the beach. I can go surfing every day - morning, noon, and evening - if I wanted. Free parking and no crowds. In that sense, I am a lucky man.
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    Early 30s surf grom that hit it big on a keno game at the track back in '07 and took the dividends to multiplicity by parlaying some ridiculous algorithmic money line bets on Super Bowl XXLIII. Needless to say, as Forrest put it "we don't have to work no mo. And I think that's good!"

    That was all just freestyle but I think I might use that story out this weekend when a wahine tries to interrogate me for info prior to DNA collection.

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    Pilot for Int'l cargo airline. 2weeks at work, 2weeks off every month. Sometimes get to go to Hawaii, lots of Europe, Middle East and Asia. Free travel on any U.S. Airline anytime, however I dont use that benefit much anymore.

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    I'm an Intern at

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    vibrating buttplug repair.

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    I'm an engineer but I hate being chained to a desk. My goal is to invent sh*t in my garage and eventually sign my own (large) checks... I have some interesting ideas in the hopper. Only problem is that many a man has lost his mind on that journey.

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