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    Atlantic City
    Manage the desk at Hot Rod Tattoo in Atlantic City. Do side work in restoration and rough framing/finish work. Run a non profit called #skateac based in Atlantic City, NJ working with the city and state to build AC's first skatepark. In my free time also developing a surf/skate/punk/graffiti/urban style soft/hard goods brand called Local Thirteen. I keep myself busy.

    This year marks 3 years since 4 of my friends moved from NJ to CA. 1 of my buddies (who is a hard worker and a good dude) is doing very well for himself.. got himself a California girl and a decent job within his first couple years. The second one knocked up some chick so he's stuck and the other two are back in dirty jersey. From what I understand... California is beautiful... but its filled to the brim with the worst type of people there is. Also, crowded line ups, surfboards on every car, and I hear their "shoobie" problems are WAY worse than ours.

    With that being said, if you do move out there I wish you the best. Your perspective on life usually determines how you will live no matter where you choose to settle down. Find the stoke out there!

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    i beat off a lot and watch surf videos since its been flatooskies. I am a sales rep also actually. flexible schedule when there are waves I am on it

    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    I feel like I have seen this thread before, but thought I'd start it again...

    So basically, I'm just curious, what do all you guys out there do? You know when you're not shredding 23 footers on the weekend. What do you guys do for a living? Do you like what you do? Do get to surf as much as you'd hoped? Do you have any regrets about the career path you took?

    Personally, I recently graduated from a pretty average college with a pretty average business degree with pretty average grades. I'm currently unemployed, and looking to get a job with a company I'm passionate about, but I know that is unlikely. What is more important, personally, is being close to a beach I can surf. I've been applying to all sorts of companies, jobs, and locations, but I'd like to hear what some of you guys do, whether you like it or not, whether you'd go back and do it differently.

    Also, as an east coaster, I'm looking to make the move to the left coast, any advice on how to go making the big leap out there? Is it better to just move everything out there then find a job from there? Or try to get some bites while living on the Eastside?

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    haha classic

    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    vibrating buttplug repair.

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    What I do..
    Step 1 Identify from municipal and private prints where existing electric, water, gas, data, etc cable is laid.
    Step 2 Mark existing lines
    Step 3 Dig where new line is going.
    Step 4 Lay conduit
    Step 5 Snake CAT 6 or fiber cable
    Step 6 Fill hole.
    Step 7 Update plans
    Step 8 Go coach son #2 hockey team
    Step 9 Go to job # 2 and work as dockworker unloading and loading trucks.
    Step 10 Chavez meet Jack Daniels, Jack, meet Chavez
    Step 11 Wake up wife by rubbing my bulge against her rump. (That's romance at Casa de Chavez)
    Step 12 Sleep
    When do you surf you ask?
    Whenever I damn well please. If I feel like surfing then the whole don't get dug until the next day. trust me, no one's in a hurry at these job sites.

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    OP, you are in the classic post-college dilemma. for the last 4 plus years you have been fed a line by your school that riches await upon graduation. the reality is that isn't true and hasn't been for decades especially with a non-specialized degree. so now you have a choice. you can hold out for the dream job that will probably not happen out of the box OR you can identify the dream job and work towards getting that. your best best is to take anything that will get you real world experience in your field so you can position yourself for that dream job when it is available.

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    I work for a major Limousine manufacturer located in MA. I sell vehicles, partsXTS101 (4).JPG and I am the service manager. when people have issues with their vehicles they call and yell at me. Not the most fun job in the world, but its a paycheck. We have 70+ employees, so there are lots of cool people around, but my first thought each morning is.."I hate limos"
    34th, Go for it. Move out there if that's your thing, but the job market out there can be pretty fierce. try to get your foot in the door before you get there, or atleast make a plan of attack. It can be pretty easy to get caught up the relaxation and coolness of the area. It seems like no one in that state has a job, so its easy to get in the mindset that you don't need one either. I lived in CA for four years and I don't regret one second. But when your poor out there, your poor. Oh, and alone. which can suck

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    Production manager at a Paper Mill in New Hampshire. I commute about 30 miles each way so I can live 5 minutes from the beach. Degree in Mech. Engineering and an MBA. I'm a douche bag. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. Who I REALLY am...

    - Dad to an 8 month old man.
    - Mediocre husband
    - Drummer...I have been paid for it
    - Brewer. I hope to be paid for it someday
    - Life long skier
    - Long time wakeboarder
    - Pretty new surfer
    - Oh, I also repair vibrating buttplugs on the side.

    I tend to like most people, so come to Maine. I'll show ya around.

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    In a state of flux
    I tend to like most people, so come to Maine. I'll show ya around.
    on the bucket list!

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    Teacher and Coach. Get all the holidays and summers off. Pay sucks. I used to love what I do. Now it's just OK. Kinda winding down my career. Side art projects. Stained glass, reclaiming, recycling junk furniture and all sorts of odds and ends, including surfboards and bikes into other functional "objects de arte". Plan on moving permanently to beach in five years and supplementing my substantial retirement income with my art projects. Actually, hoping to have enough money to keep my boards repaired, waxed and the beer flowing like beer.

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    Divorce lawyer. My office is five blocks from the beach here in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and I work maybe 40 hours a week on a bad week. House is half mile from the beach. Used to work for a huge firm in Manhattan and hated my life and never surfed. Made a lot of money, but almost had a nervous breakdown from the stress and maniacal senior partners. Took a pay cut originally, but now I make more as a partner at my firm, and my lifestyle is a 1000 times better. I surf every time there are waves, and I am getting back into competitive surfing, and loving life with our first child who is only 3 weeks old.

    Unsolicited advice....if you just graduated and you have no strings holding you down, make your move out west. If it doesn't work you can always come back. At a certain point you won't have that option anymore and you will kick yourself in the ass for not at least trying. My brother did the same thing with snowboarding, jumped from here to Park City and lived the high life for 8 years before coming back. I did a smaller version and spent two years living on the OBX after college, basically scrimping by but surfing my brains out.

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