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Production manager at a Paper Mill in New Hampshire. I commute about 30 miles each way so I can live 5 minutes from the beach. Degree in Mech. Engineering and an MBA. I'm a douche bag. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. Who I REALLY am...

- Dad to an 8 month old man.
- Mediocre husband
- Drummer...I have been paid for it
- Brewer. I hope to be paid for it someday
- Life long skier
- Long time wakeboarder
- Pretty new surfer
- Oh, I also repair vibrating buttplugs on the side.

I tend to like most people, so come to Maine. I'll show ya around.
I've heard there's some decent surf there and my father in law has a place there, so I will be driving myself and dog (while the wife and kid fly) up in the summers. I'd love to check out small point though I hear the locals (non-surfing) can be difficult to deal with.