You brahs are all pieces of work. Such a mosaic of different walks of life. We've got professions represented that I didn't even know were more than folklore or in Gaffer's comics. This is awesome stuff and I'm stoked to be on a forum with gentleman scholars like yous guys.

As for the yet-to-be-actualized braddahs or the ones that are too self-critical, follow your hearts brahs. Don't take no for an answer and if it doesn't break the law or hurt anyone, you should chase it with no relent. The buggahs here talking about sowing oats while you can are straight prophets. No regrets either, as those will weigh you down for life. Take it from a brah that's been looked at like a lunatic for years but then looks like a genius after the fact. Only you know what you need to do for you.

(while supplies last)