i figured id start up this little thread to get a few different point of views.i was reading this article last night on theinertia.com about the bodyboarder who stuffed dave wasselhoff in tahiti.i heard wassels story,then i heard the local.il post the article later since i cant find it on this computer.

so basically u have teahupoo,which is a zoo.then u have great world class waves in the background that pros usually dont flock to.first off im a surfer,and im going against a surfer and agreeing with the local spongers.according to the local,pro tow teams like wassel showed up at their local break.the spongers are paddling these monsters.after waiting over an hour and being stuffed by wassel,the sponger sed fuk it im going.the wipeout nearly killed both of them.what disturbs me the most is what happens next.a ski driver pulls up to the kid who just lost his sponge,talks some shyt like was that u who dropped in on my man?instead of pulling the local to safety the ski takes off.now as most of us know,reef breaks are mostly remote and u need a boat or popeye arms to paddle out.so this local ends up having to swim in through the reefs to the beachbreaks to get washed up on the rocks with no floatation.the kid said he didnt think he was going to make it,but the longer he prolonged it,hell never make it out the ocean.

the poor locals of tahiti wait for swells too.and they dont hit up chopes,they like to keep to theirselves.when rich pro surfers,who can fly anywhere they want,decide hey lets go crash the party over at this uncrowded waves,and start burning the locals.i think of it like put urself in their shoes.if youv been waiting all week for that swell to arrive,u show up with your local boys,and theres 300 outsiders out with skis,running people over,only rescuing their friends,how would u feel.to be honest id be out there with a knife cutting leashes like kenny powers.i remember during hurricane leslie last yr,there was a comp in obx,and the locals were complaining how dangerous it was from the crowds.everyone was getting injured.

last,id like to say i think dave wassel is a retarded kook who should stick to lifeguarding.his jokes are stupid,he makes no sense,and he occasionally scores a great wave.just because your a good surfer dont make u a good person.how would the hawaiians feel if all the tahitian locals show up for the swell of the year at pipe and say hey were going on every wave,dont care whos on it,were droppin in on them,and id say thats fair due to what they do in tahiti.im happy nj doesnt have world class reef breaks where these aszholes have to show up and ruin it for the locals.they have the money to go surf somewhere else,we dont.

so how would u folks solve a problem like this if it happened at your local spot?would there be a need for a new da hui who regulates the breaks,or simply beat up and trash the pros and their rides when they show up.remember u are an outsider,its not america.some of those tahitian kids look like terrorists lol.im sure they dont have the same laws as we do,and disrespectful pros can end up missing.most of the pros are good,but theres a few bad apples out there.what would be the best way to combat this mission?