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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkbug View Post
    Nice videos and good surf.
    However, none of that are "big waves" by today's definition of big waves. 12-15 foot is a small day at Mavs, and quite average on the North Shore. "East Coast" Atlantic is actually Europe, and that's where all the "big" waves in the Atlantic. Just like most big wave spots, they are located on the western side of the continents (with the exception of some islands), as that's the direction big swells travel.
    The only true big wave Atlantic spots along the eastern seaboard of North America may lie up in Canada, along the Canadian Maritimes.
    You are 100% correct. Our biggest freak swell events are considered 10 -12 foot Hawaiian scale, not even close to holding the Eddie contest. Most big wave hellmen surf waves that are 40 foot faces plus. We will never see it that big here on the US Mainland East Coast unless we get a tsunami. Right now there is a mulletnado alert for the near shore waters of Central and South Florida. Be careful out there.

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    either ruggles or montauk are likely to get the biggest on the east coast

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post
    Yeah shame on you man for posting that secret photo from that secret sesh at a spot that breaks almost daily.
    Hahaha idk man, watching this discussion makes me want to repost, but I've decided that I have no business doing so. I've never been out there, nobody I personally know has been out there...from here on out the only pics I'm ever posting are going to be ones that i take. The internet is increasingly creeping me out, and I don't want to be responsible for f**king anything up.

    That being said, I think that spot will be where the biggest wave on the US east coast will be ridden. Disclaimer again, not saying it's anything comparable to legit big wave spots. But I have seen certain well known points breaking well over 15 ft(not saying often, but it's happened), and not during the thick of the weather, talking 'bout favorable conditions type stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    Picture number 5 looks like Padington's 'secret spot'

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    On the east coast, there has not been a "legit" big wave spot discovered. Yea there are some spots that get big when conditions and stars align but nothing like Mavs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavehog1 View Post
    The best swell ever recorded in Florida was Halloween 1991!!! Remember the "Perfect Storm"? That was the swell from it.
    I don't think the entire east coast has been rocked by as huge and clean of a swell since the Halloween 1991 swell. It was big to huge and relatively clean for three days in a row October 30, 31, and November 1. At least here in the Delmarva, for about two days in there, it was light onshore to calm winds and the swell was in the 10-15' @ 16 second range. Needless to say, it was overloading every spot I saw on the two biggest days, but the sun was out and the ocean was glassy. Quite a sight.

    The fact that south florida was getting clean swell like this (below) from a storm that was east of the mid-atlantic is pretty amazing

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    I always love seeing that pic of reef road it just makes the mind wonder when it will happen again maybe next month ,maybe next year.but when it happens everyone will be stoked for years.

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    I don't think it'll ever happen... Living on the wrong coast. The continental shelf will most likely kill all chance of having a "mavericks in backyard"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thewaternerd View Post
    I don't think it'll ever happen... Living on the wrong coast. The continental shelf will most likely kill all chance of having a "mavericks in backyard"
    Not a Mavericks, but an offshore spot is just as possible as on the West Coast.