Needed to up the dose on my therapy for Lake Atlantic Syndrome (DSM-IV). Already had the 31" Taylor Knox that has changed my game over the last few months and given me hours of fun each day not to mention unreal workouts.

Picked up the 36" Jason Adams Artist Series Pintail and the 30.75" Revert Koi (which was a demo model - good deal on it!). The Revert Koi has its back truck loosed up a bit and that TOTALLY changes the ride. Some would say it gets too skatey more than it already is but to me it is completely fine and really lets you rip on a smaller board. Compare it to the difference between the feel of a midlength vs. a HPSB. I don't feel it's too skatey at all for me and actually requires me to be very attentive to finding balance and technique for the right pivot.

The 36" Pintail rips pave and makes and maintains mad speed. Should be even better for my downhills which I like but have had to keep at a lower grade than on a regular skate.

These sticks sure help the stoke. Now I've got 3 in the quiver so any brahs who can skate that come by the crib can go rip pave with me and they won't have to be kicking asphalt on their skate while I'm just pumping on my Carver.