I know there are 6 zillion wetsuit threads already but BLEEP YOU I AM STARTING ANOTHER ONE.

I'm a bodyboarder and swimmer in Massaflatness, right now I just have a 3mm suit that is perfect for this time of year but I want to catch some waves this winter so I am looking to expand my wetsuit collection a little.

Some questions:

* Should my next suit be a 6/5/4 or is that going to be too "warm" to go straight from a 3mm? I.e. do I need anything in between (like a 5/4 or a 4/3 even)?

* Should I go for integrated hood or are separate hoods okay? I have a huge head so I am a little worried that any "standard" hood size built into a suit is gonna be too small for my head, but I haven't tried any of them on yet.

* Is 6/5/4 warm enough for Massachusetts/Rhode Island/New Hampshire in February?

* Is there a local shop somewhere around that you guys would recommend? I go to Island Surf sometimes because I pass it on the way to Second Beach but the selection doesn't seem to be the best there...