Honestly, there's a lot of bad advice on here. The guy doesn't even have a winter suit and you're telling him to get a 4/3? You don't need a 4/3 around here. This isn't California. Buy a NEW 6/5/4 (don't buy a used wetsuit unless it's practically new and you don't mind being in someone elses piss bag - especially with a wintersuit). As soon as you start getting chilly in the 3 mil switch over to the 6/5/4. If you get a little warm just pull the hood back but it’s not like you’re gonna pass out from heat stroke. You can do a 5/4 in Rhode Island a lot easier because they get the Gulf Stream. There’s no Gulf Stream in Mass so don't cheap out on rubber. Also, I think you need go with the attached hood. I haven't seen too many serious winter suits with a detachable hood. Last two winter suits I have bought were the Xcel Infinity chest zip, both on Whiskeymilitia.com for $200. No complaints.