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you're quoting temperatures from two totally different areas.. boston area is further north of course the water will be colder..about nantucket being warmer then the mainland.. the mainland is always colder during winter!! unless the water is dropping into the 20s it will always be that way.much like it is cooler during the summer months.. the water affects the air temp! look at the temp colors of the gulf stream.. it makes a turn as it comes off hatteras.. thats the part of the gulf stream that really warms the water. down in snc the water will be 84 but the northern part of hatteras could be in the 60s to low 70s.. upwelling also effects the northern hatteras area too but the temps are pretty different
Dude, where are you from? I'm speaking from experience when I say that the water temperatures are warmer in RI than Mass. Are you? I don't really care whether it's warmer because of the Gulf Stream or what. The point is this guy is from Mass (I'm assuming he's from Boston area since he says he goes to NH and RI). I am also from the same area and find that you really need a 6/5/4 to make it through the winter.

And I still think I'm right about the Gulf Stream. Any time the wind is blowing out of the south, it's going to push warm water from the Gulf Stream towards the coast of RI and southern Mass. It's not just that Boston is farther north. It's the Gulf Stream too.

If we can't agree on this, I think we're gonna have to have a BENCH OFF!