Selling 6'0 SB10
This surfboard is 1year old. A whole year of surfing on a board could be considered old, however this surfboard has not suffered a years worth of surfing. I have surfed it a hand full of times.

Reason for selling: I bought a sharpeye disco and i don't have a need for a collection of surfboards.
Condition: great condition with the exception of minor (usual) pressure dings from being surfed on.
Shaper: Sharpeye
Model: SB10
Size: 6'0
Width: 18.25
Thickness: 2.21

Additional: Dakine trackpad and Creatures Leash (leash is optional)

This surfboards worth brandnew is $579.
Brandnew trackpad is $39
New leash is $28
Value: $646
Since the board and above is broken in, my asking price is $300
Again, the leash is optional. If you do not desire the leash, my asking price is $275.

Inquire: Contact me via email. image.jpgimage.jpg