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Man what time was that and where? I was at north ocean beach around 2:30 til maybe 4:30. It was the usual sort of line up crowd which isn't a big deal since there's tons of space to go around. But it was closeout city. Seemed like the NorEaster really played hell with the sands, the sandbar seemed more shallow and the deep spots seemed deeper even at lower tide. I caught a few good ones but seemed like most people were having it break on their asses as soon as they dropped in.

Maybe those pics are just misleading. It was nice out there in general, offshores and little rainbows in the spray. Felt good just to sit out there after all these choppy days and the shutdown time.
Ditto for the state park at the same time. Some fun steep takeoffs but not many waves held up with ridable sections. Just before the nor'easter there were some fun days (especially the first few days of the fed gov shutdown), and there was a classic day at state on a friday about a month or so ago. I was so hoping yesterday would be like that friday.

But overall it was a beautiful day, there was clean surf and no crowd, so I need to stop complaning.