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    Man what time was that and where? I was at north ocean beach around 2:30 til maybe 4:30. It was the usual sort of line up crowd which isn't a big deal since there's tons of space to go around. But it was closeout city. Seemed like the NorEaster really played hell with the sands, the sandbar seemed more shallow and the deep spots seemed deeper even at lower tide. I caught a few good ones but seemed like most people were having it break on their asses as soon as they dropped in.

    Maybe those pics are just misleading. It was nice out there in general, offshores and little rainbows in the spray. Felt good just to sit out there after all these choppy days and the shutdown time.
    Ditto for the state park at the same time. Some fun steep takeoffs but not many waves held up with ridable sections. Just before the nor'easter there were some fun days (especially the first few days of the fed gov shutdown), and there was a classic day at state on a friday about a month or so ago. I was so hoping yesterday would be like that friday.

    But overall it was a beautiful day, there was clean surf and no crowd, so I need to stop complaning.

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    I agree with the part about the waves always the still shots make the waves look more makeable than they are, although the right bars did have a lot of makeable ones yesterday and more barrel opportunities than usual for that zone. I saw several pretty ones made by surfers nearby, and got spit out on the shoulder a couple times myself. It was a gorgeous day, and I like the challenge of waves that are breaking hollow with a shoulders that wall up at warp speed (but don't section off). Having to drop in and pump down the line to beat a feathering lip is a nice diversions from the usual cut back, cut back, cut back...hey where did that pocket go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by babybabygrand View Post
    they do that on OBX. and noone trashes anything. and by the way you're using "surf nazis" all wrong...that term usually refers to the same govt agents you are trying to heap praise upon. i.e. Nazis make rules that only Nazis could stand following. oh nevermind,everyone go back to playing angrybirds...
    There are places to drive your surf fishing vehicle down to the beach on Assateague too, just restricted to certain areas I think.

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    Surfed AI Thursday afternoon (wicked northbound sideshore current, waves were all closeouts).
    Surfed AI from 1100 - 1500 on Friday (pretty looking, as in the pics that someone posted, but a TOTAL illusion because it was one closeout after another) caught maybe 4 shoulders the whole time. Long lulls in between close out waves.

    I took a few of those pics, those long lines, too; labeled them 'deception'...

    Today: blown out chop breaking on the beach.
    Thursday, OCMD at 31st & 34th was breaking en la playa, guys trying it were landing in 15 inches of water.
    And the OSV was no different the whole way as far as choppy on Thursday and closeout central knock you off your stick on Friday.

    Could have been worse, though. Could have been one of those 6 Jersey boyz I saw in the stateside lot who got up at oh-dark-thirty & drove down to AI on Friday only to get skunked, majorly skunked, wasted gas money.

    She's a fickle witch, aye.
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    "Nazis make rules that only Nazis could stand following. oh nevermind,everyone go back to playing angrybirds.."

    By surf nazis, I mean from the movie "surf nazis must die", not the people who maintain the beaches. I appreciate the work the feds do to keep the campsites clean and to make sure human life isn't too disruptive to nature life on the island.

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    Got on it Friday afternoon out off of the Oceanside camping area...beautiful looking waves, but I did notice the same thing...they looked a lot better than they were, there was no speed on the shoulders, but I caught a couple decent ones, no where near as fun as up in DE Wednesday afternoon. I love Assateague, just wish there was a little less of the mushiness. Even on that Friday a month or so ago, it still had a weird feeling of mush...

    Doesn't look too promising for the week ahead, bummed.

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    Happy days. It was open on Friday and cooking