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Thread: Feet Cramping..

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    Feet Cramping..

    My feet cramp up almost every session causing me to have to cut it short. Anyone else? What can I do to stop this. I dont know if my fins have anything to do with it. I have my old trusty Redleys/blue. They fit fine, maybe a little loose. Fin socks make it feel a lil tight but the cramping is still there. I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day before I know im going out.

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    your muscles and tendons are too tight. regular stretching is the only cure, **** water.

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    Yup, definitely stretch. I always calf in my cramps if I'm dehyrdated so I chug water and eat a banana before every session too. Also, try some different fins. I've never tried Redleys, but I can say the Hydro Tech 2 fins are super comfy with decent thrust. And get a seperate pair for winter, one size up.

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    Try taking your foot and roll it over a golf ball, specifically around your arch. That will help loosen any tightness, although that may not be the issue. Cramping can be caused by a lack of fitness as well. By lack of fitness I mean, of it this way, how often are you laying on your board with your foot flexed in that position? Stretching your calves can also help.

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    drink more water before you surf. I seriously water binge before any serious activity because I know I don't drink nearly enough during the day. Grown man is supposed to drink like 8 pints / day!

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    I do just about everything that's been recommended here, and still get foot cramps almost every time I surf.

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    I've never dealt with foot cramps but I can attest to the stretching recommendations. Are you getting a quick stretch in to loosen up during a surf or spending 30 minutes to an hour stretching at night to become more flexible. I do both but have really been focusing on becoming more flexible and it has definitely helped my surfing. My main areas were hips and hamstrings. What part of your foot was cramping up?

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    I also just practice finswimming a _LOT_... also helps stretching both ways (including curling foot all the way back). When I started doing it regularly I could only finswim about 1/4 mile before getting cramps, now I can do ~2 miles with no cramps pretty easily.

    When I do get fin cramps during a sesh I have a few in-water rituals to try to get them to go away.. touching my toes, grabbing the top of my fins and using them to bend my toes back, rubbing my calves, pointing and unpointing my feet over and over, fin-swimming in circles between sets instead of sitting still, or floating on my belly with my fins in the air behind me and shaking them vigorously or smacking them together over and over..

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    Try eating some bananas and Gatorade or anything rich in Potassium. (potassium pills) Cramping is often a sign of low potassium. Combine this with the remedies above.

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    Ugh! I feel your pain. Foot cramps suck. I get them almost every session especially if there's a little chill in the water. Sometimes the only way to flatten everything out is to catch a wave and magically I quit thinking about those misshapen toes and they straighten out for the duration of the ride then it's back to frankentoes til the next wave.