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Thread: Feet Cramping..

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    Potassium and sodium is all of this. Drink fluids til you have to piss every 30 minutes at least or you aren't saturated. The stretching is the band-aid here. Solve the issue simply and you'll feel 10x better as a whole.

    Coconut water is the chronic.

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    UGHHH! :(
    Besides water and potassium, I also take a vitamin that has a lot of magnesium in it. I do this when the water starts getting below 65 and my calf muscle wants to act up. The magnesium and water help a lot. Dont drink too much coffee.

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    Fins could be too small, I had to take a size down in snorkel fins because my size was too loose. If I wear them too long or kick to vigorously (like trying to bodysurf) I sometimes cramp up.

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    I get the cramping too, at the two hour mark. Like clock work, no matter what. Last week I discovered that if I then sit on the beach for 45 minutes, I can go back in again and not cramp. Maybe try that? Course I am older. But still....

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    Ill try the golf balls things. I know that my muscles and especially my back have always been super tight. Not really flexible. Ive been trying to change that but meh. Start drinking more too. Im glad im not the only one.

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    If your dogs are really barking, soak them in an epsom salt bath. It's magnesium sulfate. This is just as good before the sesh as after, maybe even better.

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    Calcium and magnesium are required, it has nothing to do with lack of stretching.

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    EmassSpicoli, so you are saying after being in the salt water for hours surfing, go home and soak your feet in salt water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavehog1 View Post
    EmassSpicoli, so you are saying after being in the salt water for hours surfing, go home and soak your feet in salt water?
    Yeah, stupid idea of mine. Definitely doesn't work.

    Yes, there's magnesium in the ocean. Along with a schittload of toxins. The warm water of a bath in magnesium sulfate potentiates absorption far more than cold ocean water and you're not wearing a wetty which is a barrier of sorts as you're not exposed topically to as much water as you are without it on. Chemicals aside, the warm water ain't gonna be hurting this lad's feet.

    On another note, I noticed last night riding the Carver at a high intensity for a longer duration where I was putting lots of pressure on my back foot especially that a slight cramped feeling came on. My electrolytes and minerals were pretty good on intake yesterday but I'm sure prolonged intensity of muscular contraction gets you closer to cramping. Drink Brawndo!!