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    Where to find ankle braces for surfing

    Back in July broke my ankle,and tore ligaments up my leg jus recently my doctor told me I. A month I can start surfing again and I definetly want to use a brace for a while so I feel more stable...looked around a lot but can't really find one that I'm lookin for..if anyone has any advice on where to look for a neoprene ankle brace it would be really helpful thanks

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    I'm fresh off a serious ankle sprain and surfed with the DonJoy RocketSoc Neoprene brace. Got it through a PT friend but looks like you can buy it online. It loosens a bit when you get in the water with it but I'm pretty sure it's what JJF used so I think it's about the best option around.

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    I've worn ones like this:

    It has laces plus stabilizing straps so it provides a lot of support. It's kind of bulky though, so it's a tight squeeze in booties. I swore it hindered my surfing, but John John didn't seem to have any problems wearing it after his ankle injury this year.

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    Vinny, you thought about a good ole quality ankle tape job? Athletic trainers and PTs can do it right and show you the technique. A good tape job acts as artificial support that your normal structures would provide if healthy. No bulk at all. Heck, I'm sure there's YouTube clips out there for proper technique and with a handful of practice go's you should be able to give yourself a decent tape job with the proper instruction. Good luck with recovery and you've clearly got the itch to get back out there. That's a desire I respect.

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    Hey, Vinny. I would recommend finding a compression garment, so the support itself does not loosen up in the water. Check out the low-profile Don Joy Performer Ankle Wrap. It offers a lot of support without the bulk of a traditional ankle support. The Swede-O Thermoskin Ankle Wrap is another popular option. Like the Performer, it offers a lot of support, just without the bulk. Tape is always an option, but it gets pretty nasty in the ocean. If you tape up, make sure to wear your booties! Lastly, you should check out Rock Tape H20 (waterproof). Kinesiology is easy to learn and it's very effective - check out the Olympians! Support & stability without affecting your range of motion, while treating pain.

    If you need any more information or if you find a brace, PM me and I'll hook you up.

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    This is a great article on rehabbing ankle injuries. Anytime an ankle is injured, balance and strength are effected. The neuro receptors that help with balance are impacted and need to be 'retrained'. Without doing this work, there is considerable risk for repeated injury. The article brings home the message that just being able to walk is not enough....
    I used the stretchy, self adhering wraps that are available in most drugstores. I found too much support was detrimental, but these provide just enough 'help'.

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    thanks for all the help I am definetly going to look into some of these and like most of you already said about booties I was thinking the same thing defintly gonna need something that can fit into them..brek and zaGaffer I actually have that exact brace but its Bledsoe looks like same exact material and everything but doesn't really look water proof? never really thought about taping up my ankle intill now cause then I probably wont have a problem with my booties..and dlrouen if I decide to order anything will definetly give u a pm....thanks again for the help guys

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    yeah then I definetly have the same one..i actually just put that brace on to see if my booties would fit and only got my toes in..ill probably end up using the Bledsoe brace intill winter or sumthing case every brace ive looked at doesnt really look like they'll fit into booties...I know you dont exactly know what I did to my ankle and what not but if he doctor just told me in a month I can start surfing again do you guys think its to soon and maybe i should wait I really don't know cause the worst thing would be to injure this ankle again I think id go into a fuking coma if I couldn't surf any longer

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    Where are you surfing out of Vin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Hey DL wanna get in on this?
    Count me in, Gaff. There is certainly a market out there for active medical products. For example, the aforementioned Rock Tape H20 was primarily designed for surfers. Another would be Body Glove. They are a huge player in the DME marketplace. If only my discount applied to their wetsuit line....

    Drop me a line if you think of anything. I know one particular manufacturer/vendor that would eat this up. They're located in CA and the founder surfs.

    By the way, is there anyone out there that works with PVC piping or marine canvas?