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Thread: Last weekend

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    Last weekend

    Anyone paddle out at CB? I didn't catch any waves, caught the flu instead. Looked like there was a swell but lots of chop and drift. Had one friend who went out, said he spent most of the time paddling and fighting the drift, didn't catch much.

    Just curious how it was. Looks like ankle biters for this weekend.

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    Shoulda been here brochacho lol

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    What's up, Ron? It was mostly waist-chest with the occasional head high set throughout the entire weekend. Saturday was pretty messy and it cleaned up big time on Sunday. I was out until it was too dark to see the waves coming in. That's my favorite way to end a session.

    This weekend isn't looking too promising, but you know how things work around here. I think it's going to be a very quiet weekend here on the island. Bring the log and don't forget the beer!

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    Thanks Killa...

    What's up dl?
    Yeah I kept checking the cams and Sunday just got better and better. By 4PM I was in tears. Wife asked my why I was crying, told her I was disappointed b\c I knew she really wanted to go down and camp. Yeah, I'm a lying pig...and she didn't buy a word of it.

    Maybe it was for the best...if I hadn't gotten sick my idiot self would have spent all day out Sat and blown my jacked-up shoulder out. Then Sunday I would have been sitting on the beach with my shoulder packed in ice crying like a fool instead of on my couch. At least that's what I'm telling myself...I love a good rationalization. Wah wah wah...

    Looks like we're gonna camp this weekend. Gonna have a b-day party for the wife and my bro's wife on the beach. At least I won't get yelled at for spending all day in the water on her b-day. Logs and booze will be loaded and ready. Bring on those shin-high barrels!

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    it was fun, but not exactly at cb. many barrels to be had if you could stay with the drift.

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    Thanks trev. Glad you guys got out and had a good time!