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    Pawleys/Litchfield Inlet

    Has anyone surfed the inlet between Pawleys and Litchfield? Any information on it? Guessing it's pretty sharky, but from the satellite imagery looks like it could be fun. Is that just a lucky day they took the picture, or does this place have any consistency? Parking?

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    Never surfed the actual inlet between Pawleys and Litchfield. I have surfed at the pier and its about as good (or bad) as anywhere else. Now the south side of Pawley's can be fun if conditions are right. There's a small inlet there and some small jetties, just be careful for the rips. Never seen a shark out, but im sure they are there. Parking on Pawley's, ha ha, not much luck. The south side has a small parking lot, but the north side only has a few public beach access with 4 to 6 parking spots near the pier. You will have to walk out to the north inlet from there. I think there is a private community pass the pier so thats as far as you can get. Good luck, and let me know if that side of Pawley's is worth the walk.

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    i've only surfed the north end a few times...its not all that good, but i'm sure it has those occasional days that it breaks good. South end on a hurricane is great....can get some fun hollow sections. i usually surf the jetties though...

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    it can break out in the north inlet but its so shifty with the tides and the sand bars movng around that it makes it very difficult to find a good spot and have it work for more than 30 minutes at a time. the probelm with pawleys right now is the lack of any decent sandbars. probably due to the recent dredging but who knows. the south end is completely messed up and would probably take a hurricane or stiff noreaster to move the sand around enough to have a chance at getting a new setup. with conditions as they are now it may be a while until we get some decent waves! your best chance right now to find surf on pawleys is one of the jetties on the southern end.

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    Yeah, that place will break, you just have to know when and what swell. When it does break in clean conditions, it is much like a postcard. Caught a hurricane swell there, probly the best it has been there in the past 10 years chest to overhead sets, lined up enough for about 5 snaps and a few round houses.. It was reeling all the way down that was a little burger, but if you had a fish, it would be insane. The paddle back out made you really appreciate the wave. The stars def. have to align though, its like a once in 5 to 10 year break.. it has to be perfect tide, perfect wind, perfect swell angle and it will be realllllly good. The only other downfall is the hundreds of sharks that like to hang right outside of that inlet..

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    ur right its definetly sharky if your willing it can be pretty good. i surfed it last year about this time during tropical storm barry it was really breaking. theirs a sandbar at the end of the inlet that breaks occasionally

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    The NORTH end is usually not as good as the SOUTH end. Occasional good longboard or fun board wave near the groin as sandbars form in various spots. Surfed it many times, very sharky. Out by myself after dusk one night with one Kayaker in the water near me. He claims to have seen a shark come up as long as his kayak. Wouldn't doubt it.Food source coming in and out of the creek. Can get epic under the right conditions..if you don't sketch thinking about the " little" fish............

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    Those inlets do not break anymore. The sand has been wrong for 10 years. Go back to the pier. Thanks.