Every December I travel and this year it will be a surf trip for 2-3 weeks.

I am at the beginning stages or intermediate I guess. I have surfed San Diego, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

I am not looking for huge or epic surf, more of waist to shoulder height, smaller and I can work maneuvers or a little larger for fun.

Have narrowed it down to a few locations and would like opinions. Some places are cheaper to stay but cost more to get to, some are cheap all around. Money isnt too much of a concern, but since I am traveling solo I would like to keep the nightly lodging down. Would like to be around good surf, but some other stuff to do like restaurants, a little nighlife, etc.

Costa Rica- been to WRSC, thinking about going to Playa Grande. Close to Avellanas and other spots I like. Has anyone stayed at Hotel Las Tortugas or recommend any other awesome spots to stay on the Guanacaste side?

Nicaragua- Saw I could stay at Playa Maderas and surf everyday and not be too far from stuff to do in SJDS. Buena Vista surf club looks nice, but it is $90 a night, double of other spots in the area. Anyone been there?

Morocco- Surf Maroc comes highly rated on other surf forums. Would cost more to get there but surf looks good.

Philipines- Siargo island- possibly at the Kermit surf place or somewhere else on the island that is recommended.

Puerto Rico- easy to get to. I am not sure about intermediate surf options. Also, some people say it is awesome there, others say it is dangerous, dirty, problematic.

Are there any obvious destinations I am not including in my search?

thanks for the help!