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    That video was posted years ago.. since then I have yet to see you reference counter videos proving your words..

    If your 'technology' was all that, gnome, people would be clamoring for it. But. They're not.

    According to you, the world is wrong, technology missed the boat, all the shapers are creating crapola and you are the voice of surfboard shaping sanity. At least one jackass on this planet drinks your Kool-Aid, that being chucka-boo-boo the latex mannequin rapist himself.

    Rarick test rode your board & gave you an honest feedback: the thing sucks.

    What about the gnome plank that broke apart in Cali this year....? It couldn't hold up in 5' surf.
    Did the wieners over the fire at least get toasted properly when the fellas doused that pile of wood with petrol?

    Fact is, you're a one-man marching band beating your own drum, trying to nail some idiot into paying $1.5 mln for a concocted surfboard that would better serve as the fuel for a marshmallow toasting festival. And that's all you are. Translation: you're a phony.
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