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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Taylor View Post
    What wonderful insight about the true nature of who you are carter. Nothing but a troll who will post poo on a surfers surfing thread. I'm beginning to wonder if you even surf, you don't speak of it all that much.
    I told the forum years ago before you even discovered SI that I do not surf, I am an ice skater. But did you not say earlier you would follow a rate your poo thread?

    But in all seriousness I do surf I just don't take self glorifying pics of myself surfing like you and Roy and would not mount a gay pro camera to my board if someone paid me. I live 2 hours from the beach and only go surf when it gets waist high or better with good conditions (probably 20 times a year in NC) so I do not post daily updates about scoring at a secret spot on OH waves when the whole state is showing flat as a lake, I don't build boards cause I'm not too handy so no build threads, I'm only an average surfer so no ride reports, I own 1 wetsuit that I have had for 4 years so no neoprene gear reviews to be posted and have two boards and two sets of fins so again no gear reviews there. I surf for fun, not to become an expert in hydrodynamics, equipment, or a certified forecaster. What I do enjoy about SI is all the different opinions and personalities that I can argue with! However we only have a few I don't get along with so could you create some more profiles and develop schizophrenia so I can have some new folks to argue with?

    P.S. it was not until you, Roy and Wayne came along that I really began posting. Not to mention you seem to be the post troll, evidenced by the fact that I have been here 4 years longer than you and you already have almost half the amount of posts I have.
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