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Thread: College visit

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    College visit

    Heading up to Monmouth University's open house next weekend, looking to score some waves while I'm there too. If anybody cares to PM me with spot details and such, 'twould be greatly appreciated.

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    Terrible timing. Monmouth Beach just got done with beach replenishment and is now unsurfable. Long Branch is next and everything up to Asbury Park is expected to be done by January. Last winter was phenominal at MB, LB, and that jetty thats super crowded but a secret. This year is going to be a long drive to surf, and eventually going to be no surf all the way to Barnegatt.

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    Dude just head straight to Deal, New Jeresey. You won't be disappointed. Sorry walkingonh20, I just wanted to help this guy out.

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    and then a feb storm will put all the sand back where is belongs.....